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Claiming your Business Listing and Reviews

Are you confused about ways to claim a business listing? Then this article might prove helpful. Claiming Business listing is the best way to put your business out there in the limelight. A Business Listing is essentially where the basic components or information of your business are accommodated and classified according to its category. With the use of business listing’s such as Google My Business, you can promote your business among local audiences. You can also claim your business profile on other well-known sites such as Facebook and yelp, etc. Research from The Bright Local 2019 shows that last year 90% of consumers found local business via the internet. Business listings is an important part of marketing strategy and perhaps a crucial step to step up your business. Below is a detailed manual for claiming business listing and reviews.

Business Listing and Reviews Explained

Claiming business listing is basically a way of giving a pointer to an online listing or review site that you claim a clear-cut business. A listing or review site is a platform where people can share their reviews on different businesses, products or services.

In this age, criticising a certain business is considered to be one’s responsibility, since everyone now is a critique or at least trying to be one there will be a lot of business critiqued. If you want to be in control of whatever is being spread about your business then it is time that you claim your business listings.

Claiming Business Listing

Since you have now understood the general idea of a business listing, it is time for you to do some practical work as well.

Check to see if your business is already listed on a business listing or review site. If its but you have not claimed your business, it could be due to a customer who could have visited your business and then reviewed or enlisted it. Even if the information uploaded is true and correct it is still crucial to claim that business listing because when an unclaimed business is present online, anybody can enter any information they want on it.

Sites for Claiming Process

It is best to start with the top three sites which are best rated for this purpose. And the reason for that is “businesses that claim their free listings on at least 3 review sites earn 36% more revenue than average [and those] that claim their free listing on at least 4 review sites earn 58% more revenue.” (Womply)

Top Three Listing Sites

  1. Google my Business

As we already know Google is the most highly active search engine worldwide, with 90% of the market. According to a source, almost 40,000 queries are searched on Google every second. Google should be your top priority when claiming a business listing, we would recommend you to use Google before moving onto another site. Claiming a Google business listing displays your business on a premium platform, whilst providing free advertisement from the largest search engine worldwide.

  1. Facebook

After Google, the second site on your claiming business listing list should be is Facebook. With an average of 85 million monthly traffic, Facebook is a highly sort of space to claim your business listing. It also provides us with the amenity of promoting your business by allowing us to set up our business page which will be visible globally and people can also rate your business or work. Also, when you search your business online on Google, your Facebook business page will be the second link on the list.


After going through Google My Business and Facebook, the third one is YELP.COM. It is considered to be one of the most trusting sites when it comes to claiming a business. We highly recommend this site as well if you are willing to claim your business with no hustle-bustle and trust issues. It is a reviewing and listing site for all types of businesses.

Listing Site for Your Industry

There is a listing site for all types of businesses and categories, if you think there isn’t a listing site for your niche, perhaps you might be wrong. The easiest way is to look it up on Google or any other search engine. Search for your company/business the way you expect your customers to search for it. For instance, you own garment business then write “garment stores near me” or “ABC garments around me”, a map view will be available so that you can see where you or your similar businesses are located. Make sure you are also listed on Google maps because many people use it for guidance.

How to Claim Your Business

Different sites have different ways of operating when claiming your business, every website will have its own rules and processes. All sites do not have the same way of claiming business listings. Every listing site is different but the basic steps are almost identical.

Search for your business, if found claim it and if not found add it and fill in your business information. Below is how the top three claiming sites operate and how they are different:

  • Google my Business

In order to claim your business via Google My Business, it will require you to go to their business page and deal with your business listing there. Google business listing is a much easier and the top site you should consider while claiming.

  • Facebook

Setting up a business page on Facebook is super easy and useful. You can create a page while being logged in to your personal account.


To claim your business on, you just have to go on their home page and add a new business. Yelp is convenient and easy to use.

Information Management

Information that has been fed about your business by you or anyone else has an essential role. You don’t just have to claim it and go, there are few other things that need to be taken care of.

For instance, making sure if the information in each and every listing is true and correct. Furthermore, a few pictures and mentioning facilities regarding your business wouldn’t hurt. Your business profile is basically a brief idea of what your business provides and facilitates. The more the information, the merrier.

Claiming business listing is highly recommended by Visual Marketing Australia, especially when you are born in an era where the internet controls almost everything. It is always better to claim your business and your authority over that business. So, go ahead, start-up and claim it.

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