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Website Hosting Packages

Full Support and Backup for your Site and Emails when you Need it the Most!

At Visual Marketing Australia we provide reliable website hosting services as we know that a fast, functional, responsive website is vital for your business. Having your website hosted by a good server is one of the key elements you need to look at when establishing an online presence.

Why Choose our Website Hosting Services?

  • We ensure 24/7 server support
    Running a business can be hard enough without having to worry about your email and website going down. We have a 99.9% up-time to ensure your site is online 24/7.

  • Business grade servers located here in Australia
    Our business grade web hosting servers are based in Australia and customer support is accessible and reliable. We are optimised for WordPress and other popular website platforms, thus meeting the needs of a variety of customers. With full support and backups for your site and email hosting, you can be sure your website is online and in business when it needs to be.
    Calling to overseas web hosting companies in order to reduce costs is tempting, but staying local is more cost-effective in the long term. Local Australian website hosting companies provides the following benefits:
      • Faster speed – statistics show that 53% of mobile users will abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. However, you don’t need Google to tell you that, because you also hit the “Back” button immediately when a web page fails to load fast.
      • Better SEO rank – Google may penalise those websites that have an IP address from overseas, so saving money with foreign hosting will cause more harm than good and have a negative effect on your ranking.
      • No time zone differences – no need to wake up at 3AM, so you catch your web host provider during their working hours to handle disruptions.
      • Eliminating the risk of service failure – your website needs to be up and running all the time, or prospects will check the competition for the desired products/services.
  • Money-back guarantee

    If you’re not happy within the first 30 days of hosting your site on our servers, we will give you a full refund.

  • Dedicated Back Up Server

    Not only do we have mirrored NVMe drives so if one fails, the other keeps running while the damaged one is replaced and rebuilt, we also have a dedicated backup server running R1Soft Server Backup Manager (SBM) which provides a flexible, server-friendly solution that eliminates the pains of running traditional backups. Our Continuous Data Protection™ technology enables users to run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes, with no impact on server performance.

    Your data is backed up nightly and held for 14 days, with an incremental backup held for 28 days.

Ultra Fast Web Hosting

It is well-known that fast loading websites rank better in Google and other search engines, and our high speed business grade servers rate as some of the fastest in the world and up there with the best.

We run the latest M2 (NVMe) drives that are 25 time faster than the standard HD and 5 time faster than an SSD drive. Combine this with Litespeed Server OS which can improve WordPress loading time x 12 and your website will open ultra-fast.

Case Study

Take local celebrity Liz Cantor’s website, which loads in less than 1.0 seconds. This is a website with several large hi resolution images + several videos. The statistics are:

Rating: A
Performance: 99%
Structure: 94%
TTFB: 33 milliseconds (server response time)
Time to Interactive: 0.9
Fully Loaded:

ultra fast web hosting

best web hosting queenslandVMA provides low cost, affordable website hosting and Managed Hosting Services.

Whether you’re looking for personal web hosting, or professional business web hosting, we’ve got you covered.

With so many plans to choose from, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. See our Managed WordPress Hosting plans Here

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