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Compare SEO Plans

Local SEO

To compare SEO plans of an SEO company near me; you must first understand the difference. Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business.

Local SEO uses search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo plus business directories like Yelp, True Local, Start Local and Aussie Web etc. therefore millions of local customers use these services daily to find the best local businesses in their area.

Local SEO removes the guesswork from your local marketing because it is not like dropping leaflets through a letterbox or putting an ad in a local paper, which may or may not be seen by someone interested in your service.

Local SEO reaches local customers when they are looking to buy your service – they need your service and they’re ready to buy it, so why not stand out in front of your competitors.

Those new customers aren’t just online customers, they’re ‘real customers’. Local online marketing promotes your business (your name, your services, address, phone number…) not just your website. So, your new customers will call you or walk through your front door or visit your website.

Our Local SEO service includes:

  • NAP your site contact details, so they match Google Business Listing
  • Claim and/or Optimise your Google Business & Bing Listing
  • Ensure your Google Local profile is merged with your Google Plus
  • Optimise your landing page
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Console setup
  • Ensure you non-www redirects to your www URL
  • Ensure your Category Listing is Accurate
  • List on Local Directories plus those listed above
  • Ensure your Phone Number is Prominently Displayed + Click to Call

Local SEO is typically a 6-month project, but can go for longer for a more prominent ranking.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Industry Leading Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Your business requires a comprehensive online marketing approach to ensure it is prominently positioned online, so it is important to compare SEO plans. We provide a one-stop solution to ensure the essential marketing ingredients are combined to deliver you a high-performance online marketing strategy.

We offer On-Site Optimisation which includes:

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Search Engine Competition Analysis
  • Optimise your site for search engines

Whether you choose the ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (offsite Organic SEO) OR our Local SEO package, our team of trained Search Engine Optimisation professionals will structure your website to obtain excellent visibility in organic search engine results.

Every month we build high quality inbound links to your website using a combination of industry-relevant directory submissions, blog posts, forum discussions, social media bookmarking and article writing. You receive monthly reports, which outline changes in your rankings in the major search engines so that we can monitor your SEO improvements.

Online Marketing Strategies

Compare Local SEO with Organic SEO plans

Our local SEO plan will focus on your suburb plus surrounding suburbs to your business. This is great for bricks and mortar shops, restaurants, workshops etc.

The standard or Organic SEO plans focus on a wider area, be it city wide, region, state, national, or even international audience. While we include what is needed for Local SEO, we go way beyond that, spending a lot more time and effort to get your message out there via the many channels we choose.

Our Organic SEO plans have many levels depending on the region you are trying to target, plus the competition within that region, so basically, the larger the region and competition in that region – the higher plan you will need.

While both these options may not necessarily target the same audience, they can work hand in hand for most businesses.
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Local SEO