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Online Video Advertising Solutions

With years of expertise in creating professional online videos, a well-scripted, edited and professionally produced online video will deliver the following benefits. It will:

  • Engage your audience instantly
  • Highlight your key products and services in a professional manner
  • Attract new and repeat clientele to your business to support your overall marketing strategy

VMA facilitates consumers to connect with businesses by enabling websites to “come alive” with compelling video messages, leading to stronger brand awareness, response rates, conversions and revenues.

People want to connect with real people not just text on a webpage. You have a few short seconds to attract the attention of visitors to your website – and Online Video does just that!

Online Video Advertising creates a greater impact on your site and research shows that over 80% of visitor will view a video while 52% will take action after viewing it!

Furthermore, it has shown that web sites that have videos keep visitors there longer. This may result in higher profit and more clients.

Using video on a website will make your website more dynamic, exciting and entertaining.

Online Video Advertising is the most powerful way of getting your message to your existing & potential clients delivered with the ease of email and internet video streaming with the appeal that only a personalised video can achieve.

Get up close and personal with your customers – you will be amazed at what you can achieve with just 1 or 2 minutes of online video!

“A picture maybe worth a 1,000 words……… but Video is worth a million”

“A carefully crafted corporate video is a powerfully persuasive sales tool. Visual Marketing Australia will help your business reach out to thousands of new customers by combining the most effective marketing techniques – face-to-face communication and word of mouth – with the cost effectiveness and immediacy of the internet.”

Further Benefits of Online Video Advertising

  • Your Online Video Marketing will do the work for you 24/7
  • Personalises your business & builds awareness
  • More enquiries from qualified prospects searching for you online
  • Always gives the same, fast & consistent message to potential clients
  • Convert more enquiries to sales
  • Save money with e-mail & online advertising
  • It’s easy and cost effective – we have a package to suit your needs –

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Meet Kim, our Photographer and Videographer.

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