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Online Video Advertising works!

“online Video Lifts Conversions to 50%”

source: stylecampaign.com

Online Video has been around for some time yet very few small to medium sized businesses are taking advantage of this technology.

Sure, you could do a home made video and stick it on YOUTUBE, but a professionally produced video that is well scripted and edited, with your key words displayed in bullet point form can really pack a punch and portray your businesses professionalism to your existing and prospective clients.

Just imagine – its like personally inviting a prospective client into your business to meet your staff, look at what you do and the products/services you provide and how you do it better than your competitors!

You’re getting up front and personal with your customers. It shows the professionalism of you and your team.

The website, where your video will be hosted, has been designed to give the customer all the information they require to go that next step. You only have a short few seconds to grab their attention and a video will do just that (see the stats below) then it provides all the other relevant information they require to contact you including a contact form & phone numbers plus a Google map to know exactly where you are located.

This landing page is specifically designed for maximum SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that should start to see some results in no time. Add to this the power of Google AdWords, targeted email campaigns (using our ‘Emailer’ software) and other advertising initiatives – should see you leap-frogging your competitors to put you ahead of the field.

There have been many surveys done over the last couple of years by leading research and emarketing companies that have proven the value of online advertising videos. The market leaders have all acknowledged the benefits and smart companies are jumping on board.

“People take action after seeing online video content, especially those in the upper income brackets”

Source: online-publishers.org

The old saying of ‘A picture’s worth 1,000 words’ can now be updated to:

“A picture’s worth a 1,000 words……… but Video is worth a million!”

“Did you know that over 80% of visitors to your website would view a video if you had one?
52% of visitors would take action after viewing it! Of those 16% would buy!”


See below for a breakdown of the above graph.

Breakdown of above chart

“Online Video is the marketing solution of the future”
Source: eMarketer.com

Source: http://www.comscore.com
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 “The Internet dominates all other media during the purchase process”