Email Marketing Works!

Ready to take your business to the next level with Email Marketing?

Email marketing produces the best ROI (Return on Investment) for organisations. Email marketing is effective and it outperforms direct mail, trade shows, cold calling, radio and other traditional advertising media by a long shot. Email marketing is easy, extremely affordable and for sure highly effective!

Emailer – Email Marketing Manager

VMA-Emailer is your personal email marketing manager. It’s a customised software for every small, medium or large businesses!

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With VMA-Emailer, you can send professional email marketing campaigns such as newsletters and promotional materials, while tracking the results and managing your subscribers. Yes you can do it all with this email marketing software!

When combined with one of our Online Video Advertising packages, you can even send ‘Video Emails‘ (see below) to improve your online marketing strategy. Ask us how!

    • Design outstanding and effective email newsletters and email promotions, conduct surveys or feedback forms using your own tools
    • Create dynamic text blocks to personalise your marketing campaign
    • Choose from over 140 templates provided
    • Enjoy the benefits of providing your clients with an email newsletter or other email marketing campaigns
    • We handle signups, unsubscribeers and bounces automatically.
    • Easily create targeted segments of subscribers.
    • Directly signup subscribers from your website.
    • Enjoy many other features here
    • Actionable reports that go beyond ‘opens ‘, ‘clicks’ and ‘forward-ons’.
    • Measure campaign results including surveys.
    • Track your email marketing related conversions and sales.
    • No setup fees
    • a variety of monthly plans
    • Far more cost effective than traditional advertising campaigns
    • No contracts or hidden charges – you can stop the email marketing campaign any time!

Video Email (or TV Email)

Our Email Marketing software is one of the best online marketing systems, giving you the ability to create stunning email newsletters and email promotions including our Video Email (or TV Email) to WOW your existing and potential clients. Upgrade your online marketing strategy to VMA- Emailer – Email Marketing Manager.  

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