Advertising on Social Media

Advertising on Social Media – How does it Work?

Advertising on Social media is an online marketing strategy that consists of running paid advertisements on social networks. All the most popular social networks offer advertising features, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.

Is advertising on social media a must?

The online world is already crowded, and it is increasingly complicated to get your message noticed, as user attention is becoming a scarce resource. Social media advertising is superior to traditional advertising due to its precise targeting capabilities. Your ads are only delivered to people who are most likely to be interested in your products and services. Stand out from the crowd but advertising on social media.

Why use Social Media Ads to Promote your Business Online?

While organic social or social media activity without paid promotion plays a tremendous role with attracting a loyal base of followers, advertising can multiply your results many times over and enable you to reach a much larger number of qualified prospects. Reasons to use paid social include:

  • Reaching a much larger audience than the people who are already following you;
  • Choosing what kind of users see your ad, since social networks have access to data such as age, gender, language, interests, etc.;
  • Your message, reaching qualified audiences that are most likely to be interested in your product;
  • Being able to set a daily budget for your social media ads; you only pay when someone clicks on your ad;
  • Choosing between multiple types of ads, such as image ads, carousel ads, video ads, slideshows, and story ads.

Not Advertising on Social Media yet? We think We know why…

Anyone can try advertising on social media, but results may vary. The complexity of social media advertising has increased in the last few years and in order to be successful you need to refine your messages and learn how to use a variety of tools. And this takes time, effort, and knowledge.

Meanwhile, you still have a business to run, and you still have to pay the same level of attention to areas such as production, customer service, employee training, management, and many others. It is understandable if you have failed to try social media advertising so far, but this doesn’t mean you can’t start enjoying its benefits right now!

Our Solution

Visual Marketing Australia is a digital marketing & social media ads specialists and can formulate a strategy for everything related to online promotion. We understand the role of paid promotion in your overall online marketing strategy, and we know how to integrate social media ads with other promotional tactics.

Instead of spending time learning how to create social media ads and implement campaigns, you can call to our services and let us help with your online advertising instead. Our services include:

  • Setting your advertising goals;
  • Creating the desired number of unique ads;
  • Building cost-effective, results-driven campaigns;
  • Managing ad account setup and optimisation;
  • Using remarketing tools for site visitors, email subscribers, and more.

We cover Australia-wide including: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and more. Contact Us Today! And start using the full power of social media advertising to grow your business!

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