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Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile Apps for BusinessToday’s digital marketing is first of all about engaging with your customers. Mobile apps for business are another efficient marketing tools and apart from helping you connect with your clients, they create new opportunities for your business; they also help you provide a more valuable customer experience. We offer you mobile apps tailored to the needs of your business and which integrate a variety of features, such as:

  • Push Notifications. Send direct messages directly to your client’s phone at any time.
  • Around us tab. Customers will always reach your physical location using GPS directions and they will also find out about other relevant places nearby.
  • Car finder. Place GPS pins to the car’s location set a timer for returning and even email the location and a photo of the car to somebody else.
  • One Touch Calling. Call directly while using the application with just one touch of your finger.
  • Accurate and reliable contact tabs, email forms and functions.
  • Displaying upcoming and past events. Users will be able to place comments, upload photos, and confirm their participation.
  • Fan walls. They allow users to connect to each other and to offer feedback.
  • Food ordering. Offering a fast and easy-to-use ordering method will definitely increase your sales.
  • GPS coupons.  Offer loyal customers discounts and other coupons whenever they are close to your business location.
  • Image galleries. It has never been easier to display images on a mobile device.
  • Info tabs. Display single or multiple items of information completely error-free.
  • Loyalty tab. It works the same as a traditional stamp card, but everything the customer needs is a smartphone and your mobile app!
  • Membership tabs. Create exclusive groups after finding your ideal clients.
  • Reservations. Customers will schedule appointment using just the mobile app, while taking care of all details.

Our mobile apps for business contain even more features than those listed above – over 40 in all. Tell us what you need and we are ready to provide you with the app that helps you connect with your customers!

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