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Online Video Advertising: Creating an Impulse

As ad-serving and broadband technology become more sophisticated in our society, online marketers suddenly get amazingly interested in online video advertising opportunities. Online Video Advertising if you may ask is a type of marketing with the use of digital videos on the internet. One of the ways of Online Video Advertising is through YouTube and other social media.

While most marketing companies, who mainly act for the major retailers and companies, have seen the benefits of online video advertising, it’s now realistic for the small to medium sized businesses to get in on the act as well!

Today, Online Video Advertising is one of the most promising advertising strategies as its opportunity grows with the ever increasing bandwidth. There are plenty of factors contributing to the growth of this type of marketing. One of them is the draw of the television experience. Other factors are the people’s adoption of broadband and the continuous change in Internet content, capabilities and consumption.

Set aside the massive growth of interest in online video by both the advertiser and the consumer, there are still many components of Online Video Advertising that can be quite confusing which make the needs for outstanding practices essential. Familiarity with web video industry standards like key terminology, video ad formats and performance have become necessities in leveraging the growth of online advertising marketplace.

After several radical events, Online Video Advertising was born almost a decade ago. But it wasn’t until 2005 its growth began to hasten quickly. Here in Australia, it’s only been the last couple of years that bandwidth has caught up with the rest of the world (although we are still behind the eight ball) making it more viable to Online Video.

Premium and user generated video contents are made available by plenty of companies from networks to content providers. It is actually said that the online video advertising industry is expected to grow to $2.9 billion by 2010 which is probably already happening today and it can even reach $4.3 billion in the following year.

Online video actually pays for itself. The opportunity to convert online video into sales has increased rapidly. As standalone video publishing becomes easier than it was before and is being spread throughout society, the online video offers a great number of new opportunities. While there are plenty of networks like Youtube & Metacafé, one of the best ways for SME’s to get their message out there is to run video advertising directly from their own website, or from a their provider. This strategy, combined with SEO and an Email campaign will channel viewers, and potential buyers to your website.

One thing is for sure about Online Video Advertising. If you are able to produce a professional, high quality video, consumers will take notice. *Research shows that over 80% of visitors to your website will view a video, and 52% will take action in one way or another, which could lead to an increased revenue for you business. A online video advertisement is one way to get customers coming to your business as people relate better to real people – albeit a video – rather than just text on a page.

In conclusion, an online video about your business, products &/or service is one way to stay ahead of your competition and stand out from the crowd. In saying that, having a great product and service, with great customer service at a reasonable price will ensure you convert those visitors into sales and let’s face it, we are all in business to increase our bottom line and this is one sure way to do just that!

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