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Web Attraction that is Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art and science that generates more leads and ultimately sales via your website. SEO on your website will funnel much-needed traffic to the web page or website thereby improving the visibility & popularity thus improving the ranking over time.

As an online marketing tool, Search Engine Optimisation takes into consideration the influence of search engines, the reason behind what people are searching for, the search terms used (keywords or key phrases) typed in search engines.

Making a website function at its best may include editing its content and or any associated codes so that they are made relevant to specific keywords. You may also have to eliminate indexing moves of search engines that can serve as barriers.

SEO is a 2 part process.


Onsite Optimisation

Ensuring that your website is up to scratch and all of the ‘SEO boxes’ are ticked. This includes correct meta Title, Description and Heading tags and maximising the use of keywords & phrases appropriately.


Offsite Optimisation

which promotes a site by increasing backlinks or in-bound links number.  It may target several searches like image, video, academic or local searches or other industry-specific kind of search which all can give a website the much needed web presence.

SEO’s goal is to optimise a search engine ranking. An effective SEO strategy can get higher ranking in search engine results. This is very important because people have a tendency to only check the first page of the search results. The higher your ranking, the higher your chances of getting these visitors to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation is a method to make sure that each web page contains proper Title tags, Meta tags & Heading tags. The page also has to have keywords and keyword phrases properly distributed in its contents in accordance to what search engines prefer.

Search engine operations constantly change to be abreast with the needs and changes of the time. Keeping track of these changes is important so you can always maximise the use of SEO. An SEO specialist can help you do this because they are aware of this constant change in search engine submission rules therefore they know how to optimise pages right.

Employing a website designer for your business, make sure he or she has expertise in search engine optimisation because this is one of the major fundamentals of any online business. If you already have launched your website, you may still opt to optimise your site. A reputable SEO company will perform a Keyword Research & Analysis and a Competition Analysis and build that into your website as they create it. For an existing website – they may need to do an audit of your website first. Optimising your website will create more traffic, gain more visitors to your site and increased sales because of it.

Author: Visual Marketing

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