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Email Marketing Tactics and Strategy

Email Marketing has come a long way since it’s inception and has been on the rise since online marketing’s advent. Marketers can no longer disregard the power and cost-saving effectiveness email marketing can bring about in any business.

However, a well planned email marketing campaign is necessary to obtain more customers and retain existing ones. People nowadays get more cautious when it comes to opening unidentified emails. That’s a good reason why your business needs to determine the difference between spam and accurate email marketing. Spam is a disrespectful approach in promoting your business and email clients usually has a feature that prevents spam mails from getting into the inbox.

Use opt-in emails instead of using unsolicited emails. Not only is it permission-based but it produces a higher response rate. Emails have to be effective when it’s being used to promoting business to prospective customers.

The headline or subject of an email campaign is as important as the content. The headline must put interest to readers for the email itself to be read and explored. Also, an option to unsubscribe should always be available in your email because some readers tend to suspect the email messages as spam if this feature is not available & they cannot be removed from the list. These are just some strategies you should do in order to promote your business effectively through email.

New developments in Email Marketing Systems has streamlined and automated the whole process and included features like survey & feedback forms that provide valuable information about your customers and your business as a whole.

In addition to that, there are some email marketing tactics that will most likely gain even more loyal customers for your online business. They are:

  • Intergrate email with social media.  This includes the use of social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can use a blog to highlight your emails content and offer email subscribers with personalised options like receiving monthly newsletter or RSS feed with daily news.
  • Build your database by offering special deals only to subscribers. Provide great, informative content to keep the subscribers interested – don’t do the hard sell as this will only turn subscribers away. Rather, provide a “Product of the Month” at a great price to entice customers to either purchase now or remain subscribed for future great specials.
  • Personalise your Subject line with the subscriber’s name. Most email marketing systems can do this automatically. This will ensure a higher open rate. You should also specify the person or business sending the email, either in the “email from” box or the subject line.
  • Execute a SPAM check to minimise “Spammy” words thus ensuring a higher delivery rate to your subscriber’s inbox.
  • Re-engage sleeping subscribers & customers. To re-engage inactive subscribers, you can offer a free trial of the product or service to entice them back to your business and create a sense of urgency by limiting your offer.
  • Creating viral campaigns. Viral marketing isn’t something of a new concept but with sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Digg, and Facebook, your email will be extended to an even greater audience.
  • Optimise landing pages. Email marketers can more easily perfect landing pages to maximise conversions with the advancing marketing automation technology. Many email marketing tools now offer optimising capabilities to let marketers test multiple page variations and keep close watch on the performance of each. Testing and optimisation can easily yield 5-10% lift in conversion rates.
  • Having good analytical reporting features will also help you determine the effectiveness of your campaign detailing open rates, forward rates, click thru rates and much more. A system that automatically manages unsubscribing customers and bounced emails is a must. One like VMA Emailer offers all the above features and is a good start for your email campaign.

Now you know which tactics improve the bottom line in email marketing. Start incorporating these ideas into your marketing and you’ll be amazed at the results it will bring.

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