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DO’s and DON’Ts for Email Marketing

Email has grown so much that it has proven to be a high-level marketing means. Every marketer is jumping on board and making it a valuable tool for online businesses. Keep your messages away from the trash and apply these dos while staying away from the don’ts.

Do keep your newsletter brief yet informative. Keep everything straight to the point. Use brief headings to attract their attention, then a brief ‘lead-in’ to the main story then direct them to your website with a “read more”. A great newsletter should be no more than 1 – 1.5 A4 pages long.

Do enclose a call to action. You have to include it not just once but a number of times. Include an expiration date for the subscription or promotion to create a sense of urgency. Put the calls to action at the subject line, in the preview pane, and at the end so recipients can see them and take action even without scrolling.

Do include an option to stop subscription. Make unsubscribe option always available. It’s required by law and it’s one way of being courteous. Keep in mind that not all recipients that you send your emails to are interested.

Do consider white listing. With white listing, readers won’t miss any of your messages if they get interested in them. Include an instruction on how they can add you to their white list so the chances of your company being tagged as spam will decrease. It is like being a VIP on their list.

Do use an email service provider to send campaigns. This is the most reliable and effective way to manage your email campaigns. Tracking emails, measuring campaign results and improving your email strategies will be easier by the use of email service provider like VMA Emailer.

Do make the email unparalleled to your brand. You need to have a unique fashion in writing your email. Put some spice-up so people never get tired of it. Have your recipients remember your brand by leaving a positive impression. Make sure the links to your website functions properly as well.

Don’t send too many emails to your recipients. If you think sending marketing emails everyday is good, you’re wrong. It can rather cause harm to your campaign.  Doing that may damage the reputation of your brand as well. Recipients will most likely to unsubscribe if you keep sending them emails. I would suggest more than once a month.

Don’t neglect the use of right grammar and correct spelling. It is as the statement goes. Emails filled with errors and mistakes are most likely to be marked as junk or spam. Readers will even tend to see the incompetence in you and your brand. Double check your text thoroughly or have somebody do it for you if you are unsure.

Do not forget a purpose when sending an email. If your email is of no purpose or benefit to the recipient then refrain from sending it. You need to state the reason why you have sent an email to that particular recipient; otherwise, they won’t understand why your email is on their inbox and just delete it.

Don’t over sell. Do not push sell. As previously mentioned, by keeping your email campaign informative and interesting for the reader, you will retain a higher response rate. Be subtle in your sales pitch – don’t have too many products in your newsletter. Offer a “Monthly Special” and by keeping your readers coming to your website, your ranking will improve as well as your brand awareness.

Everybody needs to learn these basic do’s & don’ts before sending an email campaign. Keep these in mind and you’ll find your campaign getting a higher response rate in no time.

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