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A head Start for the Savvy Email Marketer

If you happen to have time to check your mail in a day, you may notice that there are times when you can receive lots of emails coming from relatives, friends or even business partners. Yes, communication through email is very common now.

Living in the digital world, can we live apart from online marketing? The use of email marketing has now become a popular medium for marketers worldwide. It is much cheaper and it lets you send a message to the people unlike a website where the people would have to come to see your message.

However, for the modern marketer, managing the power of curiosity is not as easy anymore. People are becoming harder to please and it has become a primary challenge to attract more customers and retain them. Here are some ideas that may help in starting your campaign.

A good headline is a your starting line

A good headline or subject is what stands between your email being explored and being sent to the trash bin, unread. Just as the content, a headline must have the appeal to attract the reader’s attention. Otherwise, a weak subject can easily render your content irrelevant. Personalise it with their name in the subject line – this will ensure a much higher open rate.

Email marketing meets social media

There are real people behind those addresses. The integration of social media in email marketing offers communication channels for sharing and creating email content. But in using this strategy, you have to know your target audience first and what social networks do they use. Once you have an idea on what they’re using, focus on these social media.

Quality first, quantity second

It is always about what you send, when you send it and who you send it to.

A high-quality content or relevant offer will not go unnoticed. You may want to tweak your emails with eye-catching graphics, increasing the chance that readers would want to click your link.

Send just enough to keep them updated and responsive but not too much that it would make them hit the Delete button because your emails have been flooding their inboxes.

Do not just send it to anybody. Send it to those whose interests and needs correspond with what you offer.

Know when to hold on or let go

It is important to get responses from addresses you send your content to. These addresses are your potential customers in the future. At the same time, you have to keep your mailing list free of non-responsive addresses. These addresses are either those unable to receive email or those able to receive emails but don’t ever respond. You will have to focus on the responsive ones yet again you still need to try a new batch of addresses to attract more potential customers.

Try, try, and try

Remember that you cannot please all people all the time. Be open for improvements and risk to be a “little different” in order to stand out from other competitions. In email marketing, it is always testing, testing and testing.

Using a reputable email marketing company (like VMA Emailer) with contact & subscription management & reporting will ensure you reap a great return on your investment.

Hope these will give you a boost in getting your business a level higher.

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