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Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you a business that needs network to find more work, or better paying work? You need to remember that you don’t need the “Marketing on LinkedIn” to understand the basic requirements. Here are a few tips to improve your LinkedIn profile that can make you stand out among the 200 million users, and promote your business networking.

Add a Picture

You should not be that Mr. or Mrs. Generic Gray who is seen in many profiles. Photo is a necessary feature as many people may forget names; though, they will never forget the face. Hence, a visual reminder is always a plus for your profile. You should take a professionally looking photo or you can do something fun with it which highlights the things you can do.

Regularly Update Your Profile

The fact remains that where Google serves as your primary resumé, LinkedIn serves as the second in line. The WORD or PDF generally remains to be submitted in massive job bases only. But for the rest, it is essential that your information on LinkedIn is up-to-date!

Add a Catchy Headline

Your headlines should serve to advertise your absolute strengths. In about six words, you need to catch someone’s attention. Hence, put some thoughts into what your headline says about you. Don’t put general things, like “Online Marketing Professional.” Instead be specific.

Be a Good Networker

It’s time you start working on your networking. LinkedIn recently added a new option called “endorse.” This is a lazy man’s version of writing a recommendation, telling people you are alive over the network.

Start Endorsing Your Connections

You always have a few people who served a bigger role in your career. They helped to get you on the right track, and helped you move your career ahead. These are people you’ve worked for and are now your collaborators. So, begin writing them a recommendation. It’s an easy step that can help your profile.

Be Courteous

You should not forget to say your “Thank you.” It’s important that you put forward your appreciations on the network even for the endorsements. Remember, any kind of PING (notification) is a good thing and LinkedIn makes it easier. So say thanks whenever you can.

Adding New Connections

Always look into your recommended link from time to time. It’s a good idea to keep adding people to your network even if you do not know them at the moment. Though, they will keep seeing your professional activities on LinkedIn and remember to call you later when they require.

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