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Pinterest Effect on Web Design and Usability: Let’s Evolve, Not Devolve

Pinterest is a relatively new social media tool, allowing users to view, collect, organize and share images they like from all over the web. It has become one of the fastest growing social media websites today, reaching 10 million visitors within a month. Surprisingly, this social media network now has the ability to generate more traffic than the combined user links from Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Why Pinterest?

Known for its visual simplicity,specializing in visual content, photos and videos, the quality of the photos the website provides is exceptionally attractive for all its users. Even though there is an option of CATEGORY to write, much like a board, major audience reacts to PINNING and LINKING the images. The disadvantage of Pinterest is that it is not sort-able, leading to a very flat navigational system. Users have to bounce back and forth from the Pin Board to the various Pins.

Pinterest’s Evolution…. 

Pinterest has plans of evolving with their new Pinterest API coming soon, which will allow users to embed Pinboards directly into your website.

Studies show Pinterest to be more of a women’s network. Presently, there are more than 48 million users, with 80%  consisting of women. The content of Pinterest is expected to evolve as mainstream interest users get ON to the Pinboard. At the moment, the SEARCH function is not much used; however it aims to provide more features and functions in the future.

Pinterest’s Future Plans and Yours…

In the near future, Pinterest also plans to have a SOCIAL extension. Right now, it’s only a PIN and POST network. However, it is working on getting your PINS and your friend’s PINS more connected, leading to an increase in social networking.

Pinterest’s Effects on Web Designing

For a while now, web designs have known to be dead. Pinterest provides a challenge for web designers all around the world, as new clients would like to have websites that can incorporate the features of Pinterest and be on the same page. Designers will need to ask their clients what is the feature they like on Pinterest? What do they need to change? And, most importantly, what is the purpose of their website?

Pinterest has a pretty simple User-Interface. When a user sees a picture, he/she click on it, click BACK and repeat. The process becomes tedious after a while. This is what designers need to work on to make a better Pinterest-like website.

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