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The Key Trends in the Breakthrough of Online Video Advertising

This year Online Video Advertising has become more and more popular than ever before. It’s the online marketers’ the most effective way to get their message across.

Online Videos are always a hit but it gets bigger and better each and every year. It even draws closer to a real big time making Online Video Advertising a major medium for advertising not only for advertisers but for consumers and media companies as well.

With above mentioned, these are the five key trends that leads to the real breakthrough in the existence of Online Video Advertising as the largest form of web advertising:

  • Videos Go Portable

For videos used in advertising, portability is an advantage. People can watch them anywhere, anytime, and anyway they want. It provides advertisers a powerful opportunity as people can download quality videos from PC to portable devices such as notebook computers and mobile phones. They can even take advertising with them wherever they are while hearing the marketer’s message in any place. Whether it is at a media room, a carpool or at the beach, they can enjoy watching these video contents.

This will drastically increase ad sales to online video and offer new opportunities.

  • High Quality Content Requires Better Viewing

Did you ever try downloading a high quality content and then wondered how you‘re going to watch it? With today’s high quality videos, you will need a richer viewing experience. Recently, the quality of videos starts to improve while prices begin to drop. That is one good thing to consider but in turn makes the distance between TV and computer far narrower than be

online video advertising


What I’m trying to say is that time will come when these mere TV displays will become as flexible as computers when it comes to viewing videos as they grow and more technically advanced as computers once were. Just take Microsoft’s Media Centre Internet TV as one example. With this, people can bring their online video viewing in the comfort of their living room.

  • Simplified  Advertising Bring in Big Sales

Standard online video formats, placements, and tracking are being required in the online advertising industry.

For example, a simplified model helped Google soar into great heights in the text world by letting advertisers optimise their ads in a simpler way in order to increase their performance. Marketers will be able to polish their targets and optimise their platforms easily as well, and find dollars flooding into their online videos.

  • Transparent Valuation Creates Confidence to Advertisers

TV has always possessed a greater advantage over online videos. Having the information of when and where their ads are being aired is their ability. This kind of transparency gives advertisers the confidence of knowing what they really are buying. To make online advertising as simple and transparent as TV, this clearly defined type of context has to be established.

Ad networks and websites must cite particular content channels on which the advertisement is being ran on. By grouping optimised advertising with video content that goes to streaming, download and mobile, online video ad channels can help advertisers build confidence.

  • Traditional Videos Earn Respect

Just because the quality of online videos keeps rising, it doesn’t mean that they have to be shown mostly on TV. New contents for the online market are being developed by traditional networks and professional production teams. It is to recognise the rise of PCs and other devices as entertainment choice for a lot of people. This trend is being helped by content tracking and even helps producers feel convenient that they are able to convert their content into money wherever it goes.

Each of these trends clearly leads to a more and bigger opportunity for the online video advertising industry in the years to come. But it’s up to us whether how we can deliver clear, simple and portable outcome to reach great heights and meet what the advertisers are looking for.

Source: Visual Marketing

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