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The Benefits of Having a Mobile Website

These days, smart phones and tablets are replacing laptop and PCs rapidly as the perfect vehicle of choice for doing web browsing, business, internet surfing etc. If your blog or website is not accessible through mobile, it means that you are then missing out a great exposure to the group of potential clients or customers. Here, I would like to share some key advantages of having the mobile website.

Capturing the mobile monetisation power of your traffic

Given that mobile download speeds are increasing – they are still slower than standard ADSL speeds and combined with the smaller screen size, if your website is not optimised for mobility then you could be missing out on vital business. Ask yourself this; how would your visitors click your advertisement or Call to Action when they have to wait ages for it to load + having to zoom in and out in order to read the contents of your website. Displaying completely mobile ads, you will definitely increase the chance of monetising your smart phone & tablet traffic. The more traffic you have on your site, there will be more chances to get new customers, and make a sale. The other benefit of these people visiting your site is that they can even share it with all their social-networking friends on Facebook and twitter. It definitely brings more profit to you.

Mobile website ranks higher

The purpose of Google’s search engine is to help users to get the most optimal matches to their queries. By having compatible contents of the mobile website, you will have more chances to be searchable on any query executed by cell phone users.

Mobile website optimised contents increase loading speed

The images displayed to cell phone users should always be mobile-optimised. It means that these images & content will load much faster and smoother giving the end user a much better user experience and impression of your business.

Increase awareness of services and products

Businesses can greatly expand their services, there is required nothing than to focus on the local scene only, but though the power of the internet, businesses can easily venture into a regional and international market with ease. The use of these smart phones also changes dramatically the nature of marketing activities of a few businesses possibly encouraging them to expand their services and product’s diversity to meet new challenges. Mobile website in its own way helps the owners to display hundreds of items on view 24/7 a week.


The freedom to surf the internet anywhere or anytime, and interact to people is the ideal thing to tempt the medium or even small businesses to promote their products or services online. Internet users are increasing at an alarming number almost 50,000 a day. For this reason, every business is buzzing on the internet to get the benefit from increasing customer’s marketplace. In this regard, the use of the mobile website can enhance your business success.

A growing market

The users of mobile technologies is also increasing at rapid speed with increasing number of new smart phones and tablets having internet capability are now being launched every day. These devices are available at reasonable prices that everyone can easily afford and love to buy an essential gadget. When the smart phones can perform all functions of desktop and laptop computer, a mobile website then makes a lot of sense.

Increase brand visibility

Millions of dollars are spent on different online marketing strategies like SEO consultancy, pay per click and social media market; however, a little bit effort may help you to plug that gap easily left by other marketing tactics. The effort is in the terms of the mobile website, which will help the mobile users to search the products more easily and get ready all information to browse whenever they need it.

In short, the current belief is that any company or business in the coming years will not be able to be successful without the rewards of a mobile website. It is a new and vibrant choice that can bring unlimited incentives for your business. So don’t delay, just call a successful company like Visual Marketing and let’s get your business mobile!

View one of our mobile websites here of course you can only view it on a mobile device!

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