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The Art of SEO Article Writing

While SEO article writing, content writing, story writing, news writing or even blogging, which is all about informing, entertaining or educating, one might be inclined to think that SEO writing is the same. For those who have discovered a passion for writing, they surely realise that writing is a personal thing. It is for this reason that you will know a writer because of his or her writing style which can be uniquely personal – something that gives the writer some kind of identity.

Some writers are born to have a creative side to their writing talent that they can create stories that really sell. Others meanwhile are talented in terms of ads writing while others are great at writing factual stuff and SEO writing is something similar to factual writing.

SEO writing relies heavily on keyword or key phrase use. If a website is about home decorations that specialise in the interior aspect of the house, as an SEO writer you think of words associated to this. However, the words have to be relevant to what searchers are most likely to use when conducting a search via search engines. These are the words they will be using to locate you. Meaning your keywords will be ‘interior’, ‘house’, ‘decorations’ and ‘decorating’.

As you write your article, you keep these keywords in mind making sure they are used in the article appropriately, not excessively – that is very important. Search engines do have a governing rule about search engine submission and too much usage of keywords could be detrimental. The article length should also be no more than 500 words or no less than 300 words to contain the necessary information relevant to ‘interior house decorating’ but not too much like writing a novel.

You will also have to ensure that the sentences are grammatically correct while you try to incorporate the keywords. Otherwise, the sentences would not make sense if you just use the keywords so they are placed in the article. Google can even recognise bad grammar now so it is paramount to ensure your grammar and spelling is correct. Also, wrong grammar will not make the article believable to searchers, and chances are they will disregard the write-up thereby defeating the purpose why you wrote the SEO article in the first place.

Lastly, make sure you know how to proofread your SEO article to make sure it reads right and is flowing correctly. Once you are able to put all these together, you have the best chances to become one of the most sought-after SEO article writers.

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