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Social Outbreak Revolution – Lead Generation

The Social Outbreak fan page has a viral component. While a free Facebook fan page will have no viral component, Social Outbreak can provide the owner of the fan page (this could be you) with the following:

(1) All the contact info of the person who has viewed your page -the only way people have been able to get this in the past is if a person went to your landing page or website and filled out a form with their name and email address asking for more info -therefore, your reps will be able to follow up immediately with a large number of people who may be interested in what you have to offer – other fan page owners will be limited to those who fill out a form, which will be a much smaller percentage of viewers.


(2) An email is then sent to the person who viewed the fan page thanking them—this will not only impress the viewer but will make him interested in finding out more.

(3)  For the viral component there will be a short message in the prospect’s newsfeed that alerts all of his friends to what he is viewing—they will be curious and want to check it out too.

(4) There will be a huge viral component to “the Wall,” which is where prospects will see what their friends are viewing; suppose a rep posts a video explaining Social Outbreak and 10 out of his 200 friends view it—it will now be posted on the Wall of those 10 friends, and say each of those get 10 views, that’s 100 views—you can see how one post can generate hundreds and then thousands of views—that’s the beauty of the viral component.

To find out more information, please visit:

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