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Online Video Advertising for Smart Businesses

Since the establishment of the Internet our lives have been transformed  in every way. Over the last few years, people of all ages are turning online daily. These days an online presence has become a more and more mainstream for individuals and especially businesses. With the rapid growth of the internet, the concept like “online video advertising”, have also emerged as the major catchphrase. The internet has created a essential online world as well as provide unique opportunities for business owners with Online Video Advertising becoming a major player for businesses to  sell their product and service.
The power of Online Video Marketing is huge, particularly when compared with the fact that the sums spent is only a minute part of the investment being spent for all other forms of business marketing. The key reason for such expectation is that for the past few years the online market has undergone a rapid development and online video has grown at an astounding rate.

Benefits of Online Video Advertising

A close look at the current situation clearly shows that the rivalry has significantly increased in every business. Also, reaching potential customers have also become more difficult. While traditional media marketing has always remained popular, there does appear to be a decline in the area and a new ad medium – the business world has taken to “Online Video Advertising” in growing numbers. It is looking like  the ideal business campaign tool for many businesses and has shown some significant advantages, like-

1. These short form advertisements on websites are proving to be one of the most valuable ways to promote products or services. Research shows that 80% of visitors to a website will view a video, significantly keeping the user there for longer – the same research shows that 52% of visitors will take action after viewing a video. These video ads are far more superior in contrast to the ads shown on television or other means of communication. People are inherently lazy and they relate better to a real person rather than just text on a page. These days the likely customers don’t have the time to read a large sales communication. Every next person is demanding for quick solutions or services and video advertising is rising as the ideal platform in getting to the potential customers much faster.

The interactive characteristic of the video advertising is yet another significant benefit that can not be ignored. As it is not limited to 15 or 30 seconds, it offers a more long-lasting impression and provides a enhanced way for viewers to interact and take action in way that they can never expect through television or banner commercials. You’ll be amazed at what 1 or 2 minutes of online video will do to get new customers through your front door – be it bricks and motar or virtual.

3. The stats show that the online audience is increasing daily. Now with the internet the personalisation is even deeper than one can hardly imagine and furthermore consumers are getting used to accessing video online. Besides this, as per recent statistics the online audience are already in the millions and the word is that there will be more and more increase in video marketing in next coming years.

4. In recent times major businesses have taken up Online Video Advertising which has traditionally been out of reach for the small to mediaum sized busnesses. Well not any more, with companies like Visual Marketing Australia bringing Video Advertising and other Online Marketing Solutions, these businesses can now leapfrog their competitors and gain market share in their respective niche.
This particular growth has further let the video to be distributed more easily. One can easily upload, host, send it via email, share the ad or can even make it searchable. The potential to reach others with video are never-ending and effective.
5. Online video marketing is the most cost effective way of business promotion. The amount of money that an individual need for online video ads is more nominal than traditional ads. For instance, for a similar price for a quarter page advertisement in a metro newspaper that may give you one or 2 days coverage, you could have an Online Video Advertisement working for you 24/7 for 365 days of the year!
As a result, creating convincing videos is very much accessible to small businesses at a fraction of the cost that big companies pay. Moreover, it also provides the facility to measure the results in order to take full advantage of their ROI.

Today, as technology attempts to play catch-up with consumers’ enthusiasm for informative and relevant advertising, online video marketing is certainly on the cutting edge of technology and stand out from the competition plus provide significant revenue increases. It has also emerged as a major tool for building brand awareness and increased visibility. It may prove to be a worthwhile investment in online video advertising that can better promote your business.

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