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Google Chrome Becomes Fastest Browser on Planet

Gomez, the benchmark division of Compuware, recently announced new data from a website measure project regarding the fastest browser. The aim of the project was to find which web browser is fastest in the “real world” of desktop users. It measured load times of users over broadband connections. Data was collected over a time frame of one month, capturing the results of 1.86 billion individuals on more than 200 websites. The winner was clearly Google Chrome.


It is important to note that Gomez does not test the capabilities of browser speed in a lab environment; it rather measures real-world performance by measuring the experience of general population in web browsing. The results back up the performance of Google chrome and how it offers faster browsing, unlike its competitors.

Google’s Fastest Browser Claim

Google claims the latest edition of the Chrome browser is more than 35% faster and better than all its previous editions. They were able to make this conclusion based on the standard benchmarks, such as the V8 and SunSpider. Even though Google Chrome was topping the list as the fastest browser, the search giant was still not satisfied with these results. Hence, they came up with a new real-time, real-life speed test, which were anything than conventional or sane tests. The new browser was pitted against a potato gun, sound waves, and lighting. The latest features present in the Google Chrome beta browser is its ability to sync it over multiple computers using your Google Account. This provides the users an easier way of experiencing the web, which they use at home, anywhere else using the same browser. The new browser also supports HTML5 together with feature like Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, file drag-and-drop capabilities, plus an integration of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
As compared to Google Chrome 23, users might not use some of the new features, even when they have incremented by two versions in number. In Google Chrome 24, developers squeezed in the performance of JavaScript and bookmark searching, as well as added support for MathML combined with a few minor items of HTML5. In the latest version, Google Chrome 25, developers have added a new Speech API for voice recognition, plus speech-to-text, even though there are no actual sites which use this feature yet. Furthermore, it also provides somewhat protection from unwanted extension installations.

Is Google Chrome the King?

Well, this is bad news for Firefox lovers that Chrome has indeed proven to be the fastest browser. There is no other choice than to jump on Chrome, if you want a speedy browser. If you still want to stick to Mozilla, well that’s your call!

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