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Why wait any longer to get a good quality low cost websites?

Why wait any longer to get a good quality low cost websites?

Visual Marketing Australia’s low cost do it yourself websites are here!! 

You will be able to access great designs which will include all the information you require to get noticed online. You can also upload and edit your content, pictures, video & social links, SEO and add pages.

We will provide and set-up your content management system, hosting and email marketing.

Want to build a database of contacts, use our VMA Emailer marketing program. You can import contacts from external databases to send out bulk emails to your clientele.

Visual Marketing Australia websites have been designed for viewing over all technical devices such as desktop computers being either PC or Apple Mac plus iPhones, iPads and other smart phone and tablet devices.

If you’re a fan of the social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you can add the links on your pages for your customers to click on. Our sites work with Google’s Analytics free statistics tool so you can track clicks, visitor numbers, and more handy information about your VMA DIY website.

Even though our sites are user friendly and are designed to be easy to use, if you do require any technical assistance we’re here to help – just submit a Support Ticket and we will get back to you ASAP. 

What do you get?
Visual Marketing Australia’s do it yourself websites will have everything you need to succeed online:

  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Tickets, help guides and FAQs
  • 5 point security enhancements
  • Anti-spam contact form to deter spam robots
  • A professional looking website
  • Update & edit content, pictures, documents & videos yourself
  • Can’t DIY? Why not let us do it for you
  • Hosting is included
  • Use your own domain or our subdomain ie:
  • VMA-Emailer integration for Email Marketing

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