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Facebook Vs Google

facebook vs googleThe latest frenzy in online news, possibly with the exception of Steve Jobs leaving Apple, is that Facebook has finally over taken Google as the top site visited by internet users.

Hitwise analysis claims that Facebook’s 7.07% of total internet visits in the US has now overtaken Google who sits at 7.03%. Over the last year Facebook visits have grown by a massive 185% in comparison to its competitor, Google, who has increased by 9%.

But is Facebook about to increase this gap and leave Google behind thanks to its increasingly popular advertising? Or is Google in a league of its own when it comes to search engine functionality.

If you have ever had anything at all to do with marketing then “know your target market” is a no brainer. Facebook ads offer a more targeted approach to Google’s Adwords by not only targeting countries or cities but specific age, interests, gender or marital status groups making it more accurate in reaching your target market.

Not only is Facebook more targeted, it engages your audience with its ability to share photos and leave comments. But here in lies the downfall, Facebook users are merely there to converse in the first place while Google users are there primarily to search for something.

With Forrester Research releasing a report stating that Online Ad Spend is set to overtake TV by 2016, where should businesses be advertising; Google or Facebook?

Well we say both! Advertise on a range of platforms making sure you measure & record results. Find out what works for your product or service and make sure you are doing more of what does.

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