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Combining Social Media and Email Marketing

On the web, your customers, clients, members and possible guests are discussing your business. Whether through Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos or by commenting on blog sites, you name it. They are out there engaging in conversations and sharing information that is related to your business. Simply put, they’re having a conference online, which is basically the featured opening to expand your marketing goals. There’s only one problem: are you a part of their exchange?

The solution: Why don’t you also use social media sites like they do? You might be missing out on an important link with your clients. The use of social media sites will help you close the gap between you and your customers online. Share your content to them, build customer relationships, and make bigger audiences. As simple as that, you’ll gain their trust.

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Also, don’t forget to consider the power of emails. As you should know, implementing email marketing in your business is a great way to communicate with existing and potential customers, combining these two would be a great idea. They’ll become an influential, joint marketing tool if you utilise these two strategies properly. Learn their benefits and make the most out of their efficiency.

Social media and emailing are two dissimilar marketing strategies. Social media focuses on interactive public discussions, whether one shares with an opinion, content or a link, or just understands their thoughts. Anyone is welcome to join in their conversation. The downside is that some of the posts flow downstream together with other posts. Imagine, if you post in the morning and the customer logs on in the afternoon, he/she would potentially miss out your point of view. Emailing on the other hand, gives you and your customers an intimate level of contact. You have a quiet minute of his/her time with exclusive attention. The email newsletter you sent is permanent, meaning that it can live forever in his/her inbox. The only glitch is that there is no assurance of when the newsletter will be read. Simply put, social media is about sharing contents and engaging discussions while email marketing takes these relationship-building engagements to a higher level.

Now, how can these two combine? One step in combining the two is through inclusion of social sharing links in your newsletters. It’s easy, and costs almost nothing. Social media sites allow you to include a share bar in your newsletters. That way, readers can share it also to other social media sites. Social integration is available in some social media sites. In Facebook, you can integrate the “Like” button into email campaigns. Track the total Likes that relate to those campaigns from your subscribers and their friends and you can gain email subscribers from this site’s wall.

E-mail marketing competing against social media marketing is not the issue here. They can actually work hand in hand & combining the two can increase the number of your audience and make new customers. So don’t let your business fall behind your competitors. Utilise both these media to inform & engage your audience – it’s also a great way to get feedback on your business which can be invaluable in maintain great customer relations. Why not be a leader rather than a follower & keep ahead of your competitors.

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