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Benefits of Facebook as a Marketing Tool

facebook as a marketing tool

Facebook, one of the most sought after social media websites, has the potential to, or rather, has already become a very powerful online advertising place for marketers. It offers social media traffic instead of the typical search traffic that Google and Yahoo have to offer.

Facebook’s advertising service is absolutely great for age-specific and location-specific proposals, specifically for those companies that operate in a definite area of operation or create products that are made for that specific age.

This massive user base makes this site suitable for businesses which are target-specific. As of now, 500 million users are actively using this social media site and its population is quickly growing up to date. With 100 million of these users joining in the last six months and this user count based solely on the users which have revisited the site within the last 30 days it is evident that this is an increasingly popular site. Furthermore, an average Facebook user spends an hour each day browsing through pages in the site. Because of these high levels of activity from users, marketing products online through posts is becoming more and more appealing to businesses.

Facebook contains parameters that may help to specifically target audiences, through which the marketing specialist may gain a practical and inexpensive advantage if he/she knows how to use them.

  • Location – which locations have a large number of users
  • Age – what age ranges have large percentages of users
  • Gender – which gender uses the site more often
  • Keywords – may basically help make refined searches for potential clients
  • Workplace – where users work (location based)
  • Relationship Status – each relationship status accounts for a need for certain products and services that may vary from every user
  • Relationship interests – the kind of interaction users would like to establish with others
  • Languages/ Dialects – gives an overview of the need for adjusting communication skills to break language barriers between the marketer and the target audience

This social networking site’s has many distinct features one of which is its Tagging feature. It basically connects users by tagging names in posts, may it be in pictures, videos, events, or notes. The tagged users then receive notifications and will tend to be curious of what the tagged post was, and with just a click they’ll be able to view the content. It gives instant access to those posts authorised by the tagger. It also increases the chances of receiving responses from other users who might be interested. If applied business-wise, this will be where the initial interaction between the marketer and the target client starts.

Did you notice the advertisements on the right side of the screen while browsing along Facebook? The site also allows certain companies who are willing to pay just to be able to put up their advertisements in between pages. Because of Facebook’s growing popularity and continuous increase in web traffic, more and more businesses are creating accounts online and some have even considered online selling as a marketing strategy, gaining satisfactory results.

Got a product or service you want to sell? If you still don’t have a Facebook account, then you might be missing out. Try it out and see for yourself the potential of Facebook as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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