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7 Tips on Choosing the Right URL

choosing the right urlIf your website is about communication or selling, choosing the right name is a big factor in driving more traffic to your site. Also, choosing the right URL is extremely important not just for business branding but also for Search Engine Optimisation. As online marketing is very popular and highly competitive, selecting the right URL is becoming more & more complex and extremely important. Below are some simple tips that you may consider when selecting the right URL.

1. Short and simple.

Create a simple name that people will remember; it is useless to have a name no one will guess. Long and complicated names are bound to confuse and give problems to the net surfers.

2. Easy to spell and remember

Short and simple names are definitely easy to spell and remember. The user can type your name easily and will be able to reach your site. It’s a way to avoid the loss of valuable traffics.

3. Main Keyword

The URL must contain the main keyword or phrase search term that would lead to higher possibilities of gaining a higher ranks in the major  search engines. Try to get the variations of the URL to lock out your competition: & plus the country variations ie: .com + the or etc

4. Uniqueness

It seems easy but sometimes it’s hard to get a short, unforgettable, catchy but right name. You need to do some research on what the people are typing related to the particular product or name. Your name should not be a sub domain; an ideal unique name can be instead of www.example/yourproduct.html.

5. Category

The name must precisely describe what the company is all about so that when the people remember the company’s website, they are likely to visit it again. Your name should also give some idea of the business you are in, and what your web site is all about.

6. Area

If your product or business focuses on a certain location or country, then you should purchase country level domains instead than relying on .com. Some experts observed that a country level domain is much more powerful than a .com domain when used locally.

7. Redirection

If plain URLs are not available then you should try to get URLs with a hyphen (-) in it, or get generic domain names related to your category and use them to redirect your URL. I make it a rule to get all variations for urls like: +  PLUS +

Selecting the right URL requires creativity and considerations on the above simple tips.

Source: Visual Marketing

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