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5 SEO Top Secrets to Acquire More Sales

In this competitive industry, all want to get targeted traffic to their respective business sites and increase interest and sales in either their products or services offered to the public. But despite of the effort given to the marketing plans, still no increase in traffic? Why? It’s just because your SEO techniques being used are not that effective.

Having great content is one of the factors to ensure you gain a good ranking, but there are many “duck to line up in a row” before you can really achieve a great result.

In simple words, if you really want to achieve the increase in sales, you need to change your strategy and use an effective one. To help you out with that matter, below are the 6 simple yet effective SEO techniques you can utilize to get and improve the results you ever wanted.

1. Use keywords in your URL

Having a keyword or phrase in your URL is the first step to ensuring you get found in the major search engines. If you’re a new company starting out and you sell toy trucks you would have a better chance of reaching the front page of the search engines with a URL like rather than just your company name like (unless you sold sushi of course)

2. Use the Right Keyword Combination

To ensure that you will get a good number of hits through the search engines, you have to make the title and description of your site / services / products catchy. You have to bear in mind that the description and title you are using are being converted in SEO language known as meta tags. That is why putting the right keywords on your title and description is very critical. Make sure you are combining the best keywords for you to get the attention of the public and get more visitors. A use of a keyword tool is also a good option for your site.


3. Make your Headline Attractive

If you want your visitors to be glued to your site, be sure your headlines are attractive. When a visitor hits your website, they will scan the page first & it’s the headings or “hooks” that entice them to read further. It is very significant for you to let your visitors know that you are giving out valuable information so tying in a great heading with great content is a must. Using headlines like “how to’s and tips” are very attractive to your target audiences. Keep this in mind “People like valuable information”. For the designer – it’s imperative that the heading style is used effectively throughout the site (h1, h2, h3 etc.)

4. Keywords with Links Works Well!

Hyper linking keywords in each page for your traffic to land on are an excellent technique. Also, it is very catchy for visitors to see a keyword with a hyperlink for it tickles their curiosity which make them click on that keyword which will redirect them to other appropriate pages within your site. That technique is considered to be very search engine friendly provided the destination is is appropriate for the keyword used.


5. Audio and Visual Images will Help too

To enhance you site and make it more attractive to your target audience, adding of audio and visual images are great options. But you have to make sure that you are using and putting the good combination for you to avoid irritating your visitors.

6. Search Box Makes Them Stay Longer

Keep in mind that people are very curious. That is why adding a search box is good. Search box makes your visitors stay longer. Also, you may use tools like Google Analytics see what people are looking and searching for on your website.

Source: Visual Marketing

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