How do I View Unread Emails in Outlook 2010?

There are times when you need to view unread emails in Outlook 2010. You used to have this feature easily accessible in earlier versions of Outlook - but for some reason it has disappeared.
Recently we migrated our client sites to new servers and some of them experienced receiving old emails that had already been downloaded.
The best way to remedy this is to view all unread emails then select the last one - and holding the shift key down while you select the first one (that are old) then delete.
To view unread emails:
  1. Click the VIEW tab in Outlook 2010
  2. Click the VIEW SETTINGS button
  3. Click the FILTER button
  4. Click the MORE CHOICES tab
  5. Check the ONLY ITEMS THAT ARE box
  6. Select UNREAD from the drop down list.
From there you can select which emails to delete. Firstly  select the first one you wish to delete - and holding the shift key down while you select the last one then simply DELETE.
Don't forget to turn off your filter so you can view all of your emails again.

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