VMA would like to inform our valued clients that after nearly 12 years in business we have made the decision to increase our hourly rate for just the 2nd time (that I recall) in that period.

While we will still be under many of our competitors’ rate, it is a decision we have not taken lightly and in line with this, many of our services will increase accordingly.

New & Recent Clients

This decision will not impact on you as these new rates for our services have been in our quoting system for some months now so the pricing (since Sept 2020) for the services we have quoted will be maintained.


Hosting Services

We are also moving toward a ‘Managed Hosting Services’ (MHS) model where we can maintain your website keeping it up to date with security, core software and plugins alike.

We have found, over the years that many customers simply do not maintain their websites either through a lack of knowledge or time. This allows vulnerable websites to be hacked either for phishing or malware injection thus jeopardising all other websites on our server. Phishing can also affect our IP address reputation which can restrict email access to some networks via our IP addresses being blacklisted. We try very hard to ensure our IP addresses always have a good reputation.

While in most cases, our system detects these hacks, they are becoming more and more sophisticated so our new managed hosting service will allow us to maintain your site and ensure maximum security and uptime for yours, and all businesses we currently manage.

For those on our current Maintenance Packages, you may choose to move to our Managed Hosting Plans or remain on your current plan as it also includes website content and images updates which the new MHS plans do not include.

Our new MHS plans can be viewed here and these can be paid monthly, yearly or triennially for up to a 30% discount.

For those who do not already know, our server is running the latest (& fastest) hardware and Litespeed software and is rated A+ which places us up there with the best. We also offer 24/7 support to ensure maximum uptime.

Friday, May 21, 2021

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