The Benefits Of Using QR Codes

QR (Quick Response) codes, the latest marketing craze are matrix or two dimensional bar codes used to get information or data from the transitory media and then put it instantly into your mobile phone. You will soon see these QR codes on billboard, in a magazine advert, on the web page and even on someone’s t-shirt. Once, this code is into your smart phone, it would provide complete details of that specific business (help users in their search of nearby locations) or information about the person wearing a t-shirt, give you a URL (or website address) for the review of movie trailer or show you the coupon that you can make use in the local outlet. They are also great for data capture ie: get to sign up for more special deals and promotions etc.
The major reason why QR codes are more effective and beneficial than the standard barcodes is that these codes can easily store data in large size, including geo coordinates, text and url links. Another key feature of these codes is that it is easy to scan them through the latest cell phones instead of using a chunky hand-held scanner.

Benefits of Using QR Codes For Inbound Marketing And Content Marketing

A bridge between online and offline media

QR codes may be added easily to offline media: flyers, business cards, billboards, posters, brochures, and signs. They are quicker and easier to use and minimise the risk of an error by end users. When a prospect sees the code on your message or flyer, they may scan the specific code and respond to your website or call to action offer.

Enable building and sharing community
The app named as likify is used to produce QR codes connected you to the button ‘like’ at your Facebook page. It is helpful to plan discount offers relevant to these QR codes and run them on promotional ads, turn them in retweets status or post in the store so that customers and visitors may share them with other followers.

Helpful for call to action

QR codes can easily be linked to stories relevant to products, how to videos, tweets, website launching, audio commentaries, and trailer watching. You can attract people by creating the call to action text message embedded with these codes like ‘email us’ and ‘call us’ where end users scan this code and call or email automatically. If you have the website, you can make use of QR code that may populate the shopping cart with the particular product. Also, you can link them to the landing pages to exchange information for a discount and a treat.

Contribute to SMO and SEO marketing
Jeff Korhan, famous social media examiner, has explained in one article that QR codes increase both your social media and search engine optimisation. They are effective in generating a high volume of traffic to your website due to more sharing.

Effective in lead generation

The real charm of the inbound marketing campaign is that it is easy to access the cost of marketing sales accurately through QR codes. Often, through offline media like billboard, or print, you fail to measure this type of effectiveness. By using these codes, you can estimate the sale revenue based on leads and clicks.

QR Codes Benefits For Business

Reduce Printing Costs

QR codes have relatively reduced the printing cost. Prospective information relevant to property or a product can instantly be transferred to the cell phone whenever the prospective buyers scan these codes.

Build Customer Excitement
These codes increase excitement and project mystery because now people are quite curious about information given behind these codes. All they need to do is to scan these codes to get instant gratification that would be a great advantage for business.

No Waiting

As the term’s QR indicates quick response, it means that your prospective clients and customers are not required to wait long to get additional details about your services, special offers and products.

QR Codes are Cheap
You can make use of free software available online to create these codes on the advertisement flyers etc. In the case that you are not the technical type of person, hire the services of someone to create these codes for your business.

QR codes are also used to gather feedback and conduct surveys about your service or product. Since these codes have been launched, they are gaining popularity worldwide. Use them to market and promote your business or brand.