Main Phone Number Temporarily Out of Action

We would like to inform you that out main phone number (1300 158 708) is out of action for the next hour or 2. This is to facilitate the provisioning of new lines to accommodate for our new staff members. Things should be back to normal by later today. In the mean-time you can reach us on: 07 5600 0991 should you need us or via our support ... Read More »

6th Feb 2019
IMPORTANT NOTICE re: Payment Gateway

Hi all, Happy New Year to you. This is just a reminder that due to an upgrade of our Credit Card Payment Gateway, your next due payment will require you to login and re-enter your credit card details. This will only be required once and future recurring payments will be deducted as normal automatically. Alternatively, you can call the office ... Read More »

4th Jan 2019
Minor Outage today

We experienced a minor outage today when our server stopped responding but was fixed in a very sort period of time. Our server administration crew identified a Router issues which was quickly rectified. Everything is back to normal now. While we were down approx 12 minutes, with a server up time of 99.9% represents only a quarter of of down time ... Read More »

8th Aug 2018
Important Changes to AU Domain Name Space

As of July 1 2018, all .AU domain names underwent a series of important changes. Where previously .AU domain names have been operated through AusRegistry, on the 1st July 2018 those operations moved to Afilias.  The biggest change is that you can now register .AU domains for 1 to 5 years, instead of the previous requirement of only 2. ... Read More »

15th Jul 2018
Server Migration Complete

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully migrated to our new super-fast server. While we are still tweaking the settings to maximise both speed and performance, by Monday we will have completed this phase also. We have already noticed a significant increase in page loading speeds but we can do even better by optimising your sites to ... Read More »

25th Mar 2018
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT Regarding upcoming Server Upgrade

This brief message is to inform you that we will be upgrading our server this weekend commencing on Saturday at 1pm. We estimate that this will take 12-15 hours to complete in total. BRIEF HISTORY While our server had been performing well, in January we took the initiative to upgrade it with a view to improve the overall speed and reliability of ... Read More »

21st Mar 2018
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding your Website

Google recently announced that as of October 1st 2017 stage 2 kicks in for HTTPS secure sites. This basically means that if your website is not loading over HTTPS (no SSL certificate) they will be marked as NOT SECURE in your users browser thus turning potential customers away. HTTPS has long been used on ecommerce sites but these recent ... Read More »

14th Sep 2017
Emergency Server Maintenance

VMA is committed to providing you with the very best infrastructure that is constantly performing to the highest standards and is kept up to date with the latest software.   In our efforts to deliver on our promise, we occasionally need to perform emergency maintenance to ensure the stability of the platform your service is running on.   We ... Read More »

5th Jul 2017
Our Support Ticketing System reset

We recently reset our support ticketing system after it stopped working, consequentially it resent all past support ticket auto responder emails to anyone who had submitted a ticket in the past. We sincerely apologise for this and any confusion it may have caused.Our system is now fully operational and functioning as normal so please continue to ... Read More »

31st Mar 2017
Google goes Mobile First!

You may be one of those small business owners wondering why they need to make their website mobile-friendly, or you may be a digitally-savvy entrepreneur who does business directly from their tablet or smartphone. No matter what category you fall under, Google has news for you: sometime in the near future, Google search will be going mobile ... Read More »

12th Nov 2016