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Included are the following files
WHMCS --> IEM Integration Module v2.05
$1.67AUD Monthly

WP 'eStore' eCommerce plugin --> IEM Integration
$49.00AUD One Time
These modifications will allow you to utilise your own IEM (Interspire Email Marketer) system for eCommerce AutoResponders directly from the eStore management console.
It's only 3 files to replace and your ready to go.

WHMCS-->IEM Module Setup Instructions
These Instructions will show you the setup processes required once you purchase this module. The module allows you to fully integrate WHMCS into the IEM (Interspire Email Marketer) software to allow you to configure the IEM and allow instant access once payment has been received. You can also include a FREE account if required. For IEM v6.1.0 - it has not been tested on earlier versions. While permissions are set - we can alter if req'd.

Outlook to Emailer (IEM) Add-in
$19.95AUD One Time
Upload one or many MS Outlook Contacts directly to Emailer - Email Marketing Manager