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8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

You must already be aware of the best revenue driving platform that we can benefit from online, email marketing. Email marketing is certainly one of the digital world’s most powerful marketing mediums as far as return on investment is concerned. Reportedly, an email worth $1 can yield financial gains of up to $38. Unbelievable, isn’t it? However, these gains rely heavily on your email marketing performance.

If your email marketing performance is up-to-the-mark and convincing enough to grab user’s interest in your product/services, chances are that you can manage to convert leads into customer at a much faster rate than social media. In fact, email marketing can convert around 40 times more customers than other digital marketing mediums.

Email marketing performance is content driven and is channeled through wisely developed strategies. It isn’t something that you could do impulsively. Email marketing has evolved greatly over the years and it is much more than mere sending content to your subscribers and customers. To get maximum benefit from email marketing, here are the top rated tips that will help you achieve your marketing objectives fairly well.

1. Capturing Attention of Users:

The first rule of boosting your email marketing performance is to create content that convinces users to subscribe to your email list. This is particularly important for new visitors to be compelled to join your list. However, achieving it is easier said than done. Today, consumers are well aware of their preferences so, if your product/service is unable to convince them enough, your performance will not be improved. To make sure that you manage to capture users’ attention, you can use lightbox popups that can help in collecting valuable information about user preferences. When the visitors will browse your website and read the content, a popup opt-in can be displayed that asks for their email address or signing up. If they do sign up, your subscriber list will have a new member and you can move the new member down to the conversion funnel. Lightbox popup is a tried-and-tested strategy that can increase the campaign’s conversions by 25%.

2. Mobile Platform Optimisation:

Email Marketing Performance

Mobile-first indexing was introduced by Google in 2018 and since then, email marketers have started relying on optimising for mobile users quite a lot.  It is worth noting that Google rates the content you upload on the basis of its ease-of-use and readability on mobile devices. Hence, if you don’t create emails that are already optimised for mobile devices or non-desktop devices, then you are losing on potential traffic. This is a sure shot debacle for your email marketing performance, which you cannot afford.

Believe it or not but over half of the online traffic around the world comes from mobile devices; this means, smartphones are the preferred choice of users more than desktops to use the internet. And, checking emails is a mandatory part of using the internet. That’s why, if you don’t optimise your email marketing campaign for mobile devices, it should not be surprising for you that your email list is shrinking or unsubscribing rate is soaring. Remember that whenever a user receives an email on the phone, the content has to be readable and easy to grasp. The text and images should fit the screen properly and offer easy navigation to the user. The template should be responsive and compatible with a variety of mobile devices and platforms.

3. Conversion boosting subject lines:

Previously this rule was applied on copywriting, which has now been considerably replaced with emailing. Your email’s subject line is the part that every user reads first and forms an opinion about the email almost instantly. It won’t be wrong to state that a majority of people decide about whether to open an email or not only by reading its subject line. That’s why we emphasize upon improving your email marketing performance through creating impressive subject lines.

 In this regard, your subscriber’s first name is an important element that can help you boost conversion quickly. Research suggests that subject lines that feature the first name of the user/subscriber have a whopping 26% higher opening rate. Another key strategy is to keep the subject line short and crisp. Lengthy lines would get ignored primarily because most of the users open their emails on a mobile device and there is a character limit on mobile phones. Such as, iPhones have a limit of 38 characters max for subject lines, which it displays in portrait mode. Ideally, you should create subject lines of a maximum length of 24 characters. Around 5 words long sentence is enough to help you grab user’s attention.

4. Switching between formats:

Though it is perfectly alright to send emails containing videos and images but we recommend that you send alternative messages too. The key is to keep innovating because similar emails can lose users’ interest over time because they would find it boring. Remember that emails containing graphics and audio-visual content usually drop into the Promotion tab, so, the user may not even know that you have sent an email. It is better to play it safe and send text-based emails every now and then. This can be an email written by the company’s CEO, which will make quite an impact upon the recipient. According to a research conducted by HubSpot, users would most likely click on emails sent by a real person than emails sent by the company. While creating text-only emails, don’t forget the general rule- email should be concise, straightforward, and useful.

5. Sending out Personalised Emails:

Personalised campaigns are immensely fruitful. More than 75% of the entire revenue generated through email marketing performance is the outcome of personalised campaigns instead of the generic ones. There cannot be a one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to email marketing. To retain customers you need to create customised emails for your clients. Personalisation is the key to nurturing lasting relationship with your customers. Remember that it is easier to retain existing customers than making new ones. You can personalise emails by sending information about products preferred by your customer and this can be done by utilising customer data you have collected so far. You may also customise emails by sending location-specific and relevant products information.

6. Don’t bother too much about Spam Triggers

Okay, we understand that spam triggers are a reality and having certain buttons in your email would render it as spam such as pharmaceutical brand names or phrases that have selling power. You shouldn’t bother too much about spam triggers and putting a lengthy sales message onto the landing page is enough. Don’t put it into the individual email content. Don’t use too persuasive language to prevent spam filter from labeling your email as spam.

7. Engagement should be your Priority:

Boosting sales is perhaps the primary goal behind email marketing, but it is short-term goal only. Your focus, actually, should be on developing a long-term relationship with your subscribers. The reason people join your email list is that they want to know more about your new ventures, which requires keeping them engaged. Informing them about new products only will not help in driving good returns from the campaign or improving email marketing performance.

8. Keep yourself Updated:

You must always remember that the trends in email marketing are changing rapidly and continually. What is working today may not work after a few months. This is why it is important to keep learning about new tips and tricks of the trade to keep improving your email marketing performance. Don’t fall prey to the various email marketing misconceptions though, just focus on avoiding mistakes that may cost you a potential client. Keep yourself updated about what’s working and what’s not to keep converting subscribers into customers.

In short, your subscribers should be at the heart of your email marketing campaign instead of revenues because when your attention is diverted on monetary returns, you start following the tried and tested techniques. Gradually, your creativity fades away and so do the interest of your users. Keep evolving and innovating to improve email marketing performance.

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