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3 Reasons to Get a Mobile Friendly Website

mobile friendly website These days if you don’t have a website you’re not really serious about business – but not mobile friendly website is just plain dumb!

Mobile friendly websites (or responsive design) have been around for many years now – we have been creating responsive websites for over 3 years.

While it may not have been a priority back then – we could see the direction it was heading and with 80% of internet users now having smartphones and 60% of searches done from mobile devices our predictions were correct.

There are 3 main reasons to get your site mobile friendly:

1.     Google will Penalise you if you Don’t

Google have stated (as of April 2015) that if your website is not mobile friendly then they will drop the ranking below sites that are – a very good reason to do it now!
Note that this will only affect sites accessed on mobile devices and not on desktop computers – but content is still king and Google will return the best search results for users that are relevant to their search, quick to load and easy to read.

2.     Non-Mobile Sites are Too Slow to Load

Standard websites are too slow to load as you are trying to load full images onto your mobile phone or tablet. Responsive designed websites use reduced images and can drop unimportant components from your standard site that may be irrelevant on a phone.

3.     Non-Mobile Sites are Too Hard to Read

a standard website when viewed on a mobile phone can be too hard to read and navigate. You have to pinch out or scroll to read anything which can be very frustrating and visitors will not stick around

Creating a Responsive Website

When creating a responsive website you have 2 primary options:

  1. Create a site in a subdomain like: – while this option maybe a quicker and cheaper option to start with – it may end up actually costing you more in the long term.
  2. Create a responsive designed website that works across all devices like your desktop PC, mobile phone or tablets. This option is the preferred path especially if you need to revamp your entire site.

Either way having a mobile website will ensure your ranking remains in tack and even jump ahead of your competitors if they are too slow off the mark.

It will also ensure that visitors to your site will stick around longer and even call or contact you so there is a clear path to return on Investment that any business owner would love!

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